Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sarah Bernhardt Collection: Paintings by Steven Kent

Remembering Sarah Bernhardt
Steven Kent, an emerging entrepreneurial artist from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk has paid a beautiful and fascinating tribute to the late Sarah Bernhardt, whom the world recognised as one the most famous actress in the circa of theatre. Sarah who joined the Odéon theatre in 1866 was often known to sleep in coffins while resting because she explained that it helped her understand the magnanimity of tragic roles as an actress. In 1900, Bernhardt took up the challenge debuting as Hamlet in the two minute long film Le Duel d'Hamlet in 1900. Though she claimed to be an atheist, her personality and her theatrical performances often gives us a rare glimpse of her strength, her spiritual persona, and, her golden voice.

Steven's paintings portray the different facets of this theatrical personality and help us take a nostalgic route to the 19th Century Literary and Cultural Circa to rediscover some of the glories which we have left behind in the closets of history. Art plays an important part in restoring art and tradition, and this probably, had T.S. Eliot been alive, would have said. Steven's paintings take us back into a world that is both timeless and time-born.

The Painting of Sarah Bernhardt here is titled "A Pensive Sarah". It's done with acrylic on canvas in 2007 and has dimensions 48.5 cm by 64 cm.

Artvantage, UK is promoting Steven's iconic work THE SARAH BERNHARDT COLLECTION, please feel free to view the works at

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