Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Art: An Invocation to the Spirit of the Ancient Mother/Artist: Samij Datta, 2010

New Art/ Title: An Invocation to the Spirit of the Ancient Mother
Artist: Samij Datta/ Year: 2010
Medium: Ink on paper
Size: 19 cm x 35 cm

Note: An Invocation to the Spirit of the Ancient Mother
Unintelligible verses of the matter’s spirit
Floats in the air as like in a dream
They are unheard of or thought or sung
By men who won the plaudits of a civilized race
These unfashionable archetypes mean nothing but a dream
A vast romantic empire of an old worshipped-time
In the stone artifacts, the fire was an emblem
A sperm, a gene, a liquid invocation
To the primal birth of the ancient sun
The hieroglyph of the moon,
The wine of the Easter
The supra cosmic mandala of the Zen mind
A point undiminished, the central apex of the bud
The perfect haiku of the lotus petals
Revolving around the months of the bees and the sacred star
To redeem the time to manifest the light
One walks a long way on the sands looking at the sea
He thinks the waves may crush and oppose the All
But the turtle waits ever so peacefully
It knows the last big wave is the least of all
The earth has moved to the time of the resurrection of love. - Joy Roy Choudhury

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