Monday, May 24, 2010

New Art Exhibition/Title: Mountain-Fox (Timeless Deities)/Artist: Samij Datta, 2010

New Art Exhibition Theme: Timeless Deities (Return to the Centre)/Artist: Samij Datta
Title: Mountain-Fox
Medium: Mixed Media on paper

Note: Mountain-Fox

There was the magic in the lotus pools
The splendor burned with the eternity of peace
Looked into the bosom of the moon’s mirror
White crystalline streams and the mountain-fox
That climbed the sources of the power and light
And the bliss and the beauty and the harmony of all
Never can they fail the labor the toil the march
The spark burst from the seeds of spring
Shall weave the color of the new pollinating time
That holds the future in its winding breast. - Joy Roy Choudhury

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