Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Art Exhibition: River-Ant (Timeless Deities)/Artist: Samij Datta, 2010

New Art Exhibition: Timeless Deities/Artist: Samij Datta
Title: River-Ant
Year: 2010
Medium: Pen on paper
Size: 28 cm x 27 cm

Note: River-Ant
All that purifies the mind is a sweet flow of love
From the higher heights descending into the farthest sea
In between the pebbles and the rock,
The river-ant sings a song, blows the pipe
That nature’s path has led to these doors
Perceptible seeing justifies the inner substance of being
Rarefies the rhythm, perpetuates the order
Of existence, consciousness and bliss
And in the chaos finds the puissance and calm.
- Joy Roy Choudhury

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