Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Art Exhibtion: Zen-Poet (Timeless Deities)/Artist: Samj Datta, 2010

New Art Exhibition: Timeless Deities/Artist: Samij Datta
Title: Zen-Poet
Year: 2010
Medium: Pen on paper
Size: 28 cm x 27 cm

Note: Zen-Poet
An invisible relation exists
Between the poet and the flower
Each deriving the ecstasy and dance
From the sap of the golden sun
A conscious existence thus comes to the fore
Opening the secret petals of the Mother
Divinizing the beauty of Zen solitude
In the ancient matter’s luminous sound
There’s the winged-marvel of the mind of gods
Its point of bliss, the prayer, the dream
Heralding the prophet morns of tea-rose and laughter
And the fragrance swept over the garden and hills.
- Joy Roy Choudhury

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