Thursday, August 12, 2010

Radha and Krishna: Folk Art from Mithila, Bihar

This is a typical Radha & Krishna Folk Painting from Mithila. These paintings are very rare as they carry the essence of natural spirituality and mytho-poeia in their narrative structures, composed with natural colors on recycled paper that tells something about sustainability, harmony and resource management.

ArtVantage is proud to bring to the audience these paintings that are done by artisans in the villages in India, they are a face of the bright India and of the world that is rising and rising like the inner-sun that never fades.

Radha and Krishna: Consciousness-Analogue

There awaiting the fruit of sweet revival
In the dense cloud of matter and mind
She alone in her splendor of dreams
Lighted the vast flame of imperial love
Where flowers bloomed and the bees hived
And the rapture of the seeds send signal to the rain
Beauty endorsed the last sight of love and bliss
And birds gathered at the honey-dusk of privilege
To hear the Lord’s singing refrains on nature’s paths
Led to by the wild breeze and the tulsi leaves
Silence harps on the moon’s vagabond flutes
Arrests time in the immemorial hearts
To say a few words or stare at the soul
In a wordless embrace and the conjugation of the stars
Create the cosmos again and again.

- Joy Roy Choudhury

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