Friday, June 18, 2010

Katia Peshakova’s solo art show “Made in India” to be unveiled at Jagannath Café, Moscow on 20th June 2010

International Official Press Release:

Moscow, 18th June, 2010: Katia Peshakova’s enduring art involving Indian spirituality, myths and traditional archetypes are to be unveiled at the Jagannath Café in Moscow. This is her second solo exhibition in Moscow in recent times. Working mainly with acrylics, Katia’s art spans a long era of ancient history and the evolution of consciousness on earth. In times of recession, when the world is engaged in trying to recuperate from financial losses, these paintings help to create a link between the mind and the higher faith in the sustainability of nature, thereby, advancing the step towards further evolution and higher consciousness. Though these are paintings that can be categorized as the folk or mythological, yet, they are acute symbols embedded in the collective consciousness of the whole human race and their aspiration towards higher truth, light and knowledge. In fact, they are symbols of man’s progress in the 21st century towards further evolution in the matter and the spirit, and towards a future that is environmentally more safe and harmonious. Some of the paintings to be exhibited include, Lord Buddha, Ganesha, Govinda and more secular ones like fish-seller, music-player etc. These paintings are traditional ones following the history of Indian art and culture, but, in a way, they also relate to a universal consciousness of an earth governed by Love, Peace, Beauty and Knowledge. According to Mr. Jeff Ross, Director, ArtVantage, UK “it’s the sincerity combined with an honest endeavour that admires me about Katia’s art; the skill exhibited, the profusion of colours and the rhythmic dexterity is wonderful, it allows me to say that her works claim the concept that God is in the details”.

The exhibition will continue from 20th June, Sunday till 20th July Tuesday at the Jagannath Café, Moscow and one may not miss out a rare opportunity to see an Indian Summer and Monsoon of Colours at Moscow.

For further information on the exhibition, please get in touch with the Gallery at Jagannath Cafe, Moscow, Kuznetsky most 11.
Contact details: Ph: 8 903 739 5858/Email: (Anna)

ArtVantage, UK supports Katia’s Peshakova’s works and her exhibition, her gallery can be viewed at :

Media Enquiries: Joy Roy Choudhury, ArtVantage, UK & India
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