Monday, June 14, 2010

New Art Exhibition: Timeless Deities/ Title: Bull-Turtle/Artist: Samij Datta, 2010

New Art Exhibition: Timeless Deities
Title: Bull-Turtle/Artist: Samij Datta
Year: 2010
Medium: Mixed Media on paper

Note: Bull-Turtle
Each bright cluster breaks and renews
There are thin lines and jagged shapes
Thats how the death is defined in nature
Its piercing eyes tears the bull, threatens the turtle
There in the somber shadow under the sun
The broken fragments are arranged laterally
As if the heart knew the pain of suffering
And can reassemble the ruins of Guernica
That if its true then the art has lived
To a given time that holds the key
And the consciousness slowly comes with the light.

- Joy Roy Choudhury

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