Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rasa Lila: Folk Art from Rajasthan

Rasa Lila: The Dance of Divine Love, Radha & Krishna forever entwined in the Divine Play of Creation, 19th Century Folk Painting from Rajasthan

The Consciousness of Divine Love and How That Blossoms a New Age, Giving Birth to a New Time:

Consciousness-Analogue : Rasa-Lila

A pure cusp of love enfolds within
A dance of light encompasses the stars
Involuted is the birth of cosmic transcendence
The body lapsed into the woven music of the soul
Delight’s arms were stretched tenderly like the breeze
And birds caroled till the dusk-light was settled with the dews
And the moon came silently behind the honeyed groves
Enthralled the garden with its musk fragrance
A deep celestial concord rendered the scene
Filled were the senses with the rapture of springs
Unencumbered in the streams of paradise
Floating endlessly like a rainbow fish
Flowering like Judas in the forgiving heart
Or like the water hyacinths entwined forever
Where the crucifix of pain gives birth to its joy
Sorrows companions found the pleasure of life
In the warm hues of the golden ray
Immortal existence in a timeless body
A sweet fire-rhythm of silence’s flute
That breaks the barriers of the corporeal mind
And when the inward manifestation comes to the front
Omnipresent is the consciousness of the divine.

- Joy Roy Choudhury

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