Friday, August 13, 2010

Durga, Mithila Folk Art: From the Fire in the Sea and the Ether’s Tiger-Waves

Durga: Folk-Art from Mithila, India. The painting narrates the story of Goddess Durga descending on earth to engage in the battle with Mahisasura, the buffalo-daemon, to save the human race from darkness, ignorance, immobility and death.

Consciousness-Analogue: This descent of higher forces to wipe out ignorance, pain, and suffering and death is taking place constantly within ourselves as an inner-struggle, an inner-war without escape. Soon a day will come when matter and spirit shall triumph over death and falsehood and will be One-light of the Heaven's Supreme Divinity. This is the time of the marriage of heaven and earth, the truth-consciousness will create the dream kingdom of god's light, and Sri Aurobindo's Rose of God will be planted in every human heart.

In line with the cosmic truth
She traversed the earth's seething walls
Affluent with the tide of time
And the enormous scope of future projection
Where the land is marshaled by lion’s own light
From the fire in the sea and the ether’s tiger-waves
She shall command the speechless act
That takes birth in the harmony of souls
And in the infinitesimal quarks of matter’s pristine self
Where hearts are interlocked by the true love and light
That pours through the vessels of innumerable atoms
The declensions of time and history are wiped out
The slate is clean like a spotless euphoria
It's the moment of the earth’s joy betrothed to heaven

- Joy Roy Choudhury

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