Monday, December 9, 2013

9th December, 2013 -111th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Sri Kalipada Guha Roy: Like A Boat On A River

9th December, 2013 -111th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Sri Kalipada Guha Roy: In the Heart of Silence Invoking the Divine Ananda like a Boat on a River

Creative Video/Editing/Voice/Music/Recitation by Monalisa
Poetry by J
Like a boat on a river...
On the footprints of my time eternity sings its song
Through passageways and desolate streets
Through marketplaces where crowd gather and disperse
In sweetshops between happy hours of daydream and play
The afternoon lazily looked up to stars in the brine twilight
Reading the lost epitaphs buried in the wind’s chapel
Stirring ether’s momentary wings with dry leaves and daisy
I have forged my words with a strange rhythm that beats the city
After moonrise when windows shut from the last humming of the engines
Pokes at the streetlamp looking at the Dog Star
Its shows on the weary pavements patterns that you cannot recognize
And I walk unseen breathing the winter’s merry air
My cigarette, the ever burning hope of the promise of the sun
By divine light, I have known the preamble of these worlds
They stand on an absolute principle of love
Mountains and aging forests where knowledge reclines
Rivers, estuaries pristine as the Ganges
Await on the ghats coming of the Lord’s epiphany
Youthful hours have sacrificed seconds on the dawn’s sacred plenitude
And as I approached the ferry side a wild flower draped in white
Called to my innermost being
It spoke in soft mused rhyme
And chanted the divine melody of life
And the world awoke in its ‘ananda’ floating
Like a boat on a river...
It’s like a boat on a river

- J

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