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The Eye and the Object (Art/Sculpture) Exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore /Gallery-IV 23rd May-29th May 2012

The Eye and the Object (Art & Sculpture)

@ Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath,

G-IV Daily 23rd May -29th May 2012

A Journey of the Eye through the Glass Tapestry of Nature’s Prisms-Innerscape

Out of the five senses known to man, eye is the most sensitive and evocative organ for the sense of vision and for the intellect that lay in matter in different forms and hues, and, one that nature bears to craft man’s imagination beyond the daily rationale of tasks and findings. To the artist, it’s more the ‘eye’-in the hand that brushes the finer strokes for a perfection which only the ‘intuitive mind’ knows and authenticates. Truly, Claude Monet, one of the greatest Impressionist Painter has said that ‘it's on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly’.
This inner-digging is a process which when started earlier pay rich dividends in the form of beauty in great art, transubstantiated by Nicholas Roerich’s great proclamation “in Beauty we are united,/through Beauty we pray,/with Beauty we conquer”. It’s this ceaseless expansion of being rooted in beauty as truth which the artist wants to reflect upon, as he seizes upon nature’s charms, to hold a breath to draw a line symmetric or anti-symmetric that will define the relative positioning of his frames as seen from a distance. The key to art is an understanding of the ways of nature and to magnify the littleness of a larger existence, from the point of view of consciousness unveiled in matter.
The artist is dabbing with colours in the form of consciousness- the time is the sacred moment of inner-delight (self-realisation process) or a Zen-epiphany where he discovers the objet d’ art of his own creation. In the creative process of the mind, it’s the practice of classical rasa-Lila in a quantum metaphysical domain of uniting with matter and spirit (Prakriti & Purusha) for the final embodiment of the resurrection of beauty in art. The plasticity of the mind acts as a template to hold the organ of delight, here, the artist’s eye for the seer-vision within nature’s entanglement with the spirit and its source.
The present exhibition is a step to know more about this journey or quest which these artists undertook to wade in a sea of nature’s colours and to harmonize existence between the ‘eye and the ‘object’ as revealed through the glass tapestry of nature’s prisms.

Artist: Pradip Chakraborty
Pradip is a new generation talented young Indian artist whose painting is a sojourn in nature, dealing with myriad colours, forms, shapes and contours to create a new fantasy world of magical landscapes with animals and plants, mountains and lakes. His material colours have their own spiritual sense and are rendered with poetry that is most sublime and fascinating as the swans in a lake.

Artist: DGN Sumana
Sumana’s artworks are more the facets of life that has the cinematic exposure of a ‘theatre in art’ albeit with rendering of folklore mixed with pop-art and epicurean delight. Her, Mother of Sacrifice, is indeed, a source of originality that one can always sustain to live in beauty and metaphorically through the real-virtual modes of this panoramic existence.

Artist: Sasanka Ghosh      
Sasanka’s true virtuosity lies in melting colours over a template of abstract beauty that reflects pattern of a cityscape, or a block of polygons cutting horizontally or vertically dividing the paper into plane geometrical parts with abstract hidden dimensions. Colours carry the tonality of these abstractions as the mind waits to grasp the next object seized in time-fabrics.

Artist: Pravat Majhi
His works are differential not because he thrives on Dokra style artistic sculpture that are precise and aesthetically appealing as art-deco or as prized collectibles but they have the touch of rural Bengal with its plethora of folk-motifs including narratives of Kali, Durga and even the baul/fakir singers who collect honey in their songs. Each sculpture is an original item that has roots in the history of a race and in the origin of destiny as well.

Artist: Barnali Bhattacharyya
Her paintings are fruit of dedication to life itself, as in her symbolic art Fountain of Life which is a beautiful abstraction of the generative and destructive processes inherent in the process of existence.

Art is the foundation of life-skills. Art plays a major role as change-maker in a modern society by connecting the end-user or the collector with the art as a medium of consciousness, and, with various perceivers who sought change in their corporate-management thinking by establishing their link with the creative mind-assets by binding their skills with the unlimited quanta of natural intelligence which are photosensitive belonging to the quantum-mevon world of creational macrospace.
A journey is an asset-bond of man and through art it manifests as a supra-ethical quest for original identity. It’s is a door to open the hidden doors of perception.

-          Joy Roy Choudhury, Art Critic & Consultant & Founder, ArtVantage, UK



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